Savannah, America’s Dreamiest Southern Town

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With quaint cobblestone streets, riverfront dining, and a charming historical downtown, get a true taste of Southern Hospitality in Savannah. An old port town with a slice of Americana, Savannah is a favorite getaway for couples and families alike. The city’s 22 public squares are one of Savannah’s defining features, but it’s greenery, water and mansions and are its heart.

More than just Beaches and History

Whether you explore Savannah on foot, by boat or by trolley, there are plenty of unique attractions in this Georgia gem. From the Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil tour to the paranormal activity in one of America’s most haunted cities, or a good old-fashioned riverboat tour, sunning yourself isn’t the only thing to do on this waterfront. One must? The Bonaventure Cemetery. Regularly called the most beautiful cemetery in the world, nestled beneath a canopy of live oak and magnolias laced with Spanish moss is a sculpture garden that is more a celebration of life than anything else.

Riverfront Entertainment

While Paula Deen’s Lady and Sons and the Pirate House (the oldest building in Georgia and site where many drunk pirates were said to have gone missing) are the most famous restaurants in Savannah, they are by no means the best. For high quality seafood, Love’s Seafood and Steaks overlooks the Ogeechee River and was one of the filming locations of the American classic, Forrest Gump. After dinner,, head to River Street or City Market, a four-block stretch of warehouse conversions adjacent to Ellis Square, for a nightcap.

Inns and B&Bs

The perfect place to forgo the chain hotels in favor of a more personal experience, Savannah’s small inns and B&Bs are world-class properties. The perfect way to relax while appreciating the stunning old Victorian architecture, many were former residences of prominent socialites or historic buildings of designation. Stay at one of these special venues and be treated to a living history lesson coupled with downhome hospitality (almost all include homemade breakfasts and free wine and cheese to your heart’s content).

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