24 images from your combat zone: Rojava, Syria

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Matador Network Ambassador Cengiz Yar Jr. recently returned for the States from a two-month stint didn’t remember the words East focusing on his project Syria’s Children. While there, he was granted rare access in Rojava to document the circumstance on the floor. In the continued efforts to try out mobile photography and exactly how it’s shaping global understanding of conflict, Cengiz explains to us this iPhone photo essay, offering a peek at what our life is like inside northeastern Syria.

Life in northeastern Syria’s Rojava Province is gritty. Its agricultural economy hasn’t exactly brought wealth for the area, and foreign investment is nonexistent. War throughout Syria and also a siege surrounding the region with the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS) have further crippled Rojava’s economy and caused thousands and thousands of civilians to leave to neighboring Iraq and Turkey.

Surprisingly, beyond your dire economy in Rojava along with the Kurds’ war with ISIS, there’s an aura of excitement. The very first time considering that the Ba’ath Party took domination over Syria, the area Kurdish human population are able to govern itself. Assad’s war with the mainly Sunni rebels in the past 4 years elsewhere in the united kingdom weakened government control over Kurdish territory. What’s risen on the ashes from the Syrian war may be a semi-autonomous Kurdish region including a revolution the number one minister of Rojava’s Cizre Canton, Akram Hasso, describes as “the final Line,” a stance stating the Kurds aren’t with Assad or with the rebels. This is certainly Syria’s third revolution.

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