Story behind the shot: Petra, Jordan

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Photo by author.

After a protracted day’s getting repeatedly lost, we arrive at Petra’s largest monument, The Monastery. It had been already getting dark and then we ended up warned to exit the park before sundown. A Bedouin man approached us, and pointed to some higher mound inside the distance.

“Oahu is the best view in the world,” the Bedouin man said. Entranced by his factual tone, we believed him in this instant. Heaven begun turn orange as they led us nearly the mound which has a couple other Bedouin men. He was right. It absolutely was too spectacular for words to spell it out.

As we excitedly took photos and shot video, my gaze turned for just a second to just one from the Bedouin males who sat down and stared in the sunset. For that second I think I saw as part of his expression the exact same wonderment we have been feeling — that he was seeing it in my ballet shoes like us. Whilst we had arrived astounded, he was tranquil. Perhaps he was looking beyond we had arrived. Create stood up and started among their camels, stroking it gently.Sunlight set gloriously behind them, leaving the Rose City along with its surrounding empire black, silent, and yet.

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