5 What exactly you need comprehend Lyft’s New Loyalty Program

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Ride-sharing service Lyft is rolling out the latest customer loyalty program, Lyft Rewards, beginning (slowly) this month.

Here are five exactly what you need to learn:

1. You could get a contact soon

Lyft riders really should be interested in an email within the company about Lyft Rewards, an application that may let riders earn points and perks.

But likely to air of mystery towards rollout. Certain riders (Lyft isn’t saying who) in most cities (Lyft isn’t saying where) begins getting emails in December of 2019 providing them particulars on how you can have fun with the new program.

2. You might not receive an email for your while

Eventually, everyone will probably be you are welcome to play a part. But and we don’t know yet when Lyft wants to fully implement this program.

3. Every rider can usually get rewarded for each and every ride

Lyft Rewards is outside of the company’s existing programs, the All-Access Plan for frequent riders, Business Rewards for patrons who ride applying their Lyft business profile, in addition to a Fuel prices partnership that pays SkyMiles to participating riders. Unlike those programs, the modern Lyft Rewards will let anyone earn rewards per ride.

4. You’ll earn credits perfect for ride discounts and upgrades

For every dollar spent with Lyft, Rewards members will earn points you can use for discounts on future rides, upgrades to Lyft Lux and access to high-demand drivers.

5. Specifics will likely be announced – eventually

The number of points you earn whenever you ride, exactly how much those points count, tips on how to earn upgrades and also other benefits – all of those details haven’t yet been announced. Expect more details in 2019.

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