What journalists keep on the front lines: Achilleas Zavallis, Syria

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Achilleas is presented by HAYTHAM Pictures which is a normal reason for Agence France Presse and also a assortment of international publications. Here’s a short look at his gear:

  • 2 Canon Mark II cameras
  • 2 extra camera batteries & chargers
  • 1 Canon 28mm, f 1.8 lens
  • 1 Canon 50mm, f 1.4 lens
  • 1 Canon 100mm, f2 lens
  • 8 SanDisk memory cards (16GB)
  • 1 Flashlens
  • Notebook
  • Computer: MacBook
  • Military Assault Bag

1The Frontline Freelance Register (FFR) is actually a representative body for freelancers, created and run by freelancers. It is really an independent, ring-fenced entity which sits from the Frontline Club Charitable Trust with membership offered to all freelance journalists in conflict or foreign reporting. The FFR’s core objective is always to keep the mental and physical well-being of freelance journalists. In a world where staff jobs and fully paid foreign assignments are increasingly scarce, foreign and war reporting is covered with freelancers, many of whom are deeply committed professionals doing outstanding work. Together, several freelancers not have the institutional support and the financial methods for adequately manage the contests of operating in dangerous environments in the end. In addition they lack organised representation, often leaving them be subject to powerful media groups. FFR aims that can help freelancers by offering them a forum, an agent body, including a critical mass in order to manage these challenges.

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