From Swamps to Sugarcane: 4 Must-See Attractions in Baton Rouge

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From swamps to sugarcane fields and spicy foods, Louisiana is a state bursting with character, and its capital city is no stranger to the limelight. Home to Louis Armstrong, LSU’s Mike the Tiger, and the infamous Huey P. Long, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, has just as much personality as New Orleans with just the right balance of history to accompany it.

To get the most out of your visit to Baton Rouge, here are four attractions that will introduce you to Louisiana’s unique culture in all the right ways.

Louisiana’s history at a glance

For a firsthand look at the beginnings of Louisiana and its often-turbulent history, make the Capitol Park Museum your first stop. Large, vibrant exhibits bring the past to life, with an unparalleled Civil War display that includes one of the first submarines. From there, it’s an easy walk across the street to the tallest Capitol Building in the United States for a bird’s eye view of Baton Rouge and the Mississippi River.

Tour a WWII battleship

Most Louisiana schoolchildren will tell you stories about the time they spent the night on the USS Kidd, the only vessel in the history of the U.S. to fly a pirate flag — crossbones and all — from its masts. As one of the most iconic attractions at the Louisiana Naval War Memorial, the USS KIDD spends half the year docked in Baton Rouge and the other half sailing the Mighty Mississippi. Whether its in port or on the high seas, visiting the museum and memorial is an excellent way to gain insight into one naval warship’s and countless seamen’s contributions to World War II.

Get some Tiger spirit at LSU

No visit to Baton Rouge is complete without a visit Louisiana State University, one of the iconic SEC football powerhouses. Even non-sports fans will enjoy the strolling the campus and visiting Mike the Tiger, the live mascot that calls LSU home. Unless you have tickets to the Saturday game, be sure to plan your visit during a weekday when the crowds are thinner and the tailgating has subdued.

Taste Louisiana Pride at Tin Roof Brewery

There ain’t no party like a Louisiana party and at Tin Roof Brewery you can get a taste of the local flavor and personality for basically nothing! Open every Friday for free tours and tastings, the Tin Roof Brewery is the only craft brewery to call Baton Rouge home. While they don’t serve food themselves, they often partner with local food trucks and vendors for Cajun and Creole favorites.

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