Why the Southwest Rapid Rewards Premier Charge card Is perfect for Southwest Loyalists

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If you primarily fly Southwest Airlines, the Southwest Rapid Rewards® Premier Charge card?is a wonderful travel rewards card. Just have a very welcome?bonus, however, you always earn automatic bonuses every year you stay a participant.

Here’s what you must know about this card.

The welcome?bonus

Earn 40,000 points once you spend $1,000 on purchases inside the first A few months checking account is open.

The bonus points continue

Every year you continue to keep earn 6,000 bonus points on the cardmember anniversary. You’ll find that you earn 2 points per dollar used on Southwest? and Rapid Rewards? hotel and auto leasing partner purchases. Also, you can make points by getting from shopping, dining, home, and lifestyle partners.

Always remember, any points you’ve made from flights increase the points. So when you purchased a round-trip ticket that’s 5,000 miles flown for $250, you’d earn 5,500 points. Other purchases earn $1 per point. You might be also given 1,500 tier-qualifying points per $10,000 spent each year or so to help you build up your status level with Southwest Airlines.

No foreign transaction fees

The?Southwest Rapid Rewards® Premier Bank card doesn’t have foreign transaction fees. Should you travel a lot out of the country, you no doubt know exactly how much?those fees can also to your cost of a trip. Fees are actually 3%.

Bags fly free

Other plastic cards supply the first bag checked free. However, the first and second checked bag not incurring a cost is truly a perk Southwest Airlines offers all of its travelers. Not one person pays change fees either.

If you modify your flight, you’re just to blame for the fare difference. On tickets where points are redeemed, you don’t see any blackout dates or restrictions. Any seat is permitted rewards travel.

The Companion Pass

Imagine earning a totally free pass with regard to for travelling every time you fly. It is sometimes complicated, nonetheless it can be carried out if you fly and spend a good deal. It does take earning 110,000 points to have the required status level, but will be earned from credit card points, partner points and flights. Once earned, you have the Companion Pass privilege through out the age, and also the year following.

The annual fee is not difficult to make up

The $99 annual fee?takes over through the novice; however, bonus points alone are usually worth $600. The annual bonus of 6,000 points warrants $60. Providing you make enough purchases to generate up for the remaining $39, it is difficult in this card to not ever be worth keeping for frequent flyers of Southwest Airlines.

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