What journalists carry on leading lines: Nish Nalbandian, Syria

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Rukan, a woman YPG fighter and unit leader aims her weapon with a fighting position inside the Sheikh Maqsood districgt of Aleppo, Syria on April 19, 2019. The YPG (Popular Protection Units) of your Kurdish Democratic Union Party (PYD) considers itself a hot democratic militia while using the mission of maintaining order and protecting the lives of the people while in the primarily kurdish districts of Syria. In March of 2019 the YPG and FSA begun cooperate from the conflict with the Syrian Regime.
Photo: Nish Nalbandian

Nish is really a self-taught photographer who found his first DSLR in 2007, and it has only been shooting professionally since 2011. He shot mostly travel and adventure when beginning, in 2019 thought we would give attention to larger issues of man’s condition, including conflict. While Nish does cover breaking news, they are interested in following stories for a longer amount of time and creating stories that dig deeper. He will be drawn by the prefer to see and be aware of the lives of us living in their own communities faraway from his personal.

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Here’s what he carries while covering conflicts all around the globe.

Row 1:

1. Second Chance Level III-A Vest with Ceramic Rifle Plates. The vest and plates have interaction to generate a level IV system. I picked this method given it fits underneath a jacket or sweatshirt. Even though it would not provide equally as much coverage since the bigger vests, generally people cannot inform you of are toting, allowing you to a smaller target.
2. Ballistic Helmet.
3. Med Kit with Celox Bandages and Tourniquet
4. Camelback Molle Backpack with rain cover and plastic bags to pay for cameras.

Row 2:

1. 5DMk III body with strap
2. 5DMk III body with Spyder Plate
3. 24mm f1.4 for wide shots
4. 50mm f1.2 for low light (this is one of the best lens)
5. 70-200 f2.8 Is strap Think Tank Thin Skin Belt with Spider Holster. (the Spyder holster is amazing. It enables one to have a body with lens as your trusted companion hands-free then go along quickly. )

Row 3:

1. Think Tank Flash Pouch for 2-6 below
2. Pelican case with 6 Mk III batteries and a few sets of AA Batteries
3. Remote Flash Trigger
4. Waterproof case for extra cards (many them)
5. Light meter. I personally use them this up to I could when shooting portraits.
6. Intervalometer — I adore timelapses
7. Chargers for AA and Mk III batteries
8. Burner phone (powered down, no iPhone for security reasons). I bare this in addition to a burner wallet by incorporating bucks in it as well as old driver’s licence at my front pocket.
9. iPod with headphones. To relax out at night.
10. Pocketknife. Necessary. Forever in my pocket.
11. Case with documents, copies, press credentials, notebooks and pens. That i take laminated copies of my passport and hand those over when you can.
12. Toilet kit including wet naps, Gold Bond Powder, Big bottle of Ciproflaxin (diarrhea can keep you down. Take it the land get loose and you’re fine.)
13. Bag with extra underwear and socks. I am able to continue weeks inside the same clothes providing I’ll change my underwear and socks.

Row 4:

1. Scarf, Hat, Gloves… I merely bring a black scarf… I am aware it’s significantly less ‘cool’ as being the checkered ones….
2. Light kit: Canon Speedlight 600, external power supply, Manfrotto lightstand extender, and shoot-through umbrella with mount. I exploit this as my portrait kit. It doesn’t weight much, and that i are able to use it to receive good to look at off camera lighting quick and simple.
3. Tripod and head. Now you have an old Manfrotto tripod which includes literally been worldwide with me, used and abused. It straps onto the side within the pack.
4. Camp Towel. So if We do get a chance to completely clean up I will dry. Also useable as the pillow. Dries quick because it’s microfiber.

A Syrian man poses for just a portrait last month 8 inside rubble of buildings in Azaz, Syria which were destroyed by way of a government airstrike this past year.
Photo: Nish Nalbandian

Not shown:

1. Irridium Satellite phone for daily checkins.
2. Macbook air (erased completely, nothing in it except for pictures)
3. Toughtek DUO mini RAID system (I keep my data on my little cards, and stored in the RAID each night)
4. Pull-on boots. I personally don’t like slacking to unlace and re-lace my boots each and every time The year progresses into someone’s house, thus buy nice pull on boots for quick exits.
5. Gaffer’s tape. It is just about the most necessary parts of gear you may carry. It should fix almost anything, is reusable, and has now replaced duct tape in my situation.


All today corresponds the bag so i could leave your accommodation and choose a week with everything else I require. I transport it between hotels/countries with clothes and personal gear and tripods in a very duffel and camera gear from a pelican case.

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