Brex Card Rolls Out Big Travel Rewards for Small enterprises

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If you hold a small company startup and haven’t heard of the Brex Card for Startups, the corporation recently launched a big initiative to obtain your attention: Travel benefits that include your small shop rates previously only available to larger companies.

The Brex Card for Startups, that’s positioned itself on the market as a credit-based card that does not require the business owner to personally guarantee debt, has announced some upgrades for their new rewards program, Brex Travel.

Access to corporate rates on travel

Most notably, cardholders will enjoy the great things about TravelBank, a home based business travel platform where members can access corporate rates that, so far, were available almost exclusively to large businesses.

Small businesses or startups might not exactly book as much travel as bigger companies with greater headcounts and money flow, explains Duke Chung, CEO of TravelBank. That tend to means these lenders can’t access the best rates or perks that come with frequent travel and spending. When using the Brex Card for Startups upgrade, they can now.

Bigger point payouts for travel

The Brex Card for Startups has upped its points payouts for travel bookings, too. Cardholders will earn 4 points per dollar spent with Brex Travel, up from three points per dollar. This portal is where members redeem points for travel rewards.

Another plus: cardholders could have usage of TravelBank’s 24/7 concierge to help organize travel for their employees or clients.

A unique formula for determining credit limits

The?Brex Card for Startups doesn’t demand owner to personally assume liability for the charges. The actual doesn’t even need to provide a Ssn to use. Instead, the Brex Card for Startups determines eligibility by exploring the business’s net income. Which means that the owner’s personal credit rating isn’t perhaps the calculation.

Business owners could also be able to dig up a higher credit limit on?the Brex Card for Startups compared to what they could which has a traditional card because limits are determined by you can actually operations rather than the formulas other banks use.

The Brex Card for Startups is not an credit card. It is a plastic card you must pay off 100 % monthly. For some small startups, especially companies which choose to save on travel, it could be the ticket.

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