The Gulf Coast, A True Southern Gem

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While it may not have the amount of coastline as its
neighbors in Alabama and Louisiana, Mississippi’s Gulf Coast is proof that size
isn’t everything. What it doesn’t have in shore, it makes up for in personality
and sun-filled activities.

From island time to boating, these are the must-do
adventures you can only find on the Mississippi
Gulf Coast.

Kayakin’ the day away

Kayaking, canoeing, whatever you call a day on the water, just make sure to abide by the Southern way of speaking – Slowly and with a silent “G.” Grammar lessons aside, the Gulf Coast waterways have some of the best boating in the South. One of the most popular ways to see the Gulf Coast is by kayak with South Coast Paddling Company. Ranging from overnight-guided camping tours to hourly trips, South Coast will help you see a different perspective of the bayous and rivers that feed into the Mighty Mississippi and have you feeling like a local in no time.

The fishing fan can’t miss…

Bubba Gump made it pretty clear there were plenty of shrimp in the Biloxi, but they didn’t bother telling us about the amount of fish you can find. With over 200 species, it’s safe to say some of the best fishing of your life can be found off the shores of Mississippi’s Gulf Coast. And we’re not talking about sitting by the dock of the bay. Deep sea fishing with local experts will help you reel in some of the largest fish you will ever see, including sharks! Ready to go? Check out this quick list of charters available on Mississippi’s Gulf Coast.

Make it island time

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to go all the way to the Caribbean to experience island life. You can find it right off the coast at one of Mississippi’s five barrier islands. Cat Island, Deer Island, Horn Island, Ship Island, and Petit Bois Island each offer exciting activities and a quick getaway from busy city life. If you don’t have time to visit each of the islands, make Ship Island a priority. Protected by the National Park Service and accessible only by ferry, Ship Island blends history and relaxation in one unique setting with tours of Fort Massachusetts available seasonally and pristine waterfront and hiking areas available year round.

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