The mini guide to Dutch slang

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Dutch may be a difficult language for foreigners to learn. Due to the fact the Dutch utilize a lot of slang phrases. Here are a few in the phrases you might most commonly hear inside the Netherlands. Utilize a a couple of these and you’ll sound exactly like an older Hollander.

1. “Doe even normaal”

Literal translation: Do normal
What it indicates: Get a grip

In netherlands, it’s crucial to often be composed and never create a big scene, whether or not you’re upset. So don’t get mad. You have to be normal.


Literal translation: Typhus, tuberculosis, gosh darnit!
What this means: Curse words shouted in extreme frustration

I’ve seen that when my boyfriend is online video video games, he’s not truly enjoying themselves unless he’s swearing on the screen. And swearing means yelling your names of illnesses, particularly those that people don’t get anymore as a consequence of vaccinations. Words for instance tyfus, (typhus) and tering (tuberculosis) may be shouted, usually pursued by Got Verdorie!!! (gosh darnit).

3. “Maar ik zit lekker…”

Literal translation: But I’m sitting delicious(ly)
What it indicates: I’m sitting comfortably

In Dutch, lekker means delicious. But it’s not used solely to spellout food. Sometimes people sit delicious(ly): Ik zit lekker. Which means that their chair is quite warm and comfortable and, even more important, they don’t wish to move. In Dutch, you can add lekker to the action to stress how nice it can be. Ik ga lekker wandelen (I’m choosing a nice walk), ik ga lekker zwemmen (I’m going for a nice swim), et cetera.

4. “Vallen me je neus in de boter…”

Literal translation: Falling with the nose from the butter
What this indicates: You lucked out

The Dutch contain a great deal of unique and in some cases cryptic sayings or “uitdrukkingen” to spell it out daily situations. For instance, when a person gets lucky without having done everything to do it, they’ve got “fallen using nose within the butter” or “viel met zijn neus in de boter.”

5. “Dat was geen gesneden koek”

Literal translation: That has been no sliced cake
What this indicates: That sure wasn’t easy

The Dutch employ a few phrases to spellout how easy things are all. If doing something was easier than expected, a Dutch person may say “That is a cat inside a basket” “Dat was kat in een bakkie” or “that has been sliced cake” “Dat was gesneden koek”. Whether or not this wasn’t easy, the idea was “geen gesneden koek.”

6. “De aap komt uit de mouw”

Literal translation: The monkey originates out on the sleeve
What this indicates: Now we all know the truth

The Dutch, generally, are certainly direct people. If you need their opinion, they’re going to tell it back to you while using the utmost honesty. That’s hard to get useful to for outsiders, since many western cultures often ask others opinions only if it can be expected that the other individual will concur with them. In case your Dutch person have been dishonest and another individual realizes this, then “the monkey is right out of the sleeve” or “De aap is uit de mouw gekomen.”

7. “Tot op de Dag van Vandaag…”

Literal translation: Before the day’s today
What it means: Before present day

The Dutch love their fries with mayonnaise, as well as snackbar is to visit understand it. Some snack bars are local institutions which were around for generations. “During the helpful to come here whilst would have been a boy” said my boyfriend while we walked by an oldtime snackbar through the 60’s. “And up until the day of today, still it stands!” or verbatum: “Tot op de dag van vandaag staat dit snackbar er nog steeds.” (and yes, they often use the English word snackbar).

Now you are aware of of several of the slang that people during the Netherlands often use. Anyone can sit deliciously with your chair, being normal, the same as the Dutch.

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