16 differences from a normal friend and an Israeli friend

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Photo: Emmanuel DYAN

1. A typical friend has a few self-defense lessons for fun.

An Israeli friend actually kicks your ass with Krav Maga.

2. Bankruptcy lawyer las vegas normal friend needs to help, he will call or text to schedule a place and time.

When an Israeli friend needs to assist you to, he will just pop in the center of night with a bit of Cola, Pizuhim, and Bamba.

3. An average friend introduces himself by stating his job or where he stems from.

An Israeli friend introduces himself by stating which military unit he served in.

4. A typical friend speaks one language — yours.

An Israeli friend speaks a minimum of two languages fluently (Hebrew and English), but much more likely Several.

5. A typical friend will allow you to move, when you promise them pizza and beer in turn.

An Israeli friend can help you negotiate the best offer with your new apartment, move, unpack, and introduce himself for a cute neighbor without expecting anything in turn excluding understanding that you’d carry out the same.

6. A regular friend will invite you over for an off-the-cuff dinner one evening.

An Israeli friend will invite you over for a feast with schnitzel, salad, mukpazim, chraime, plus much more per week on Friday night for Shabbat.

7. A regular friend foretells his immediate family occasionally, totally on email or through text.

An Israel friend talks to his mom two times a day on the telephone, his dad car should be done, and his awesome third uncle Moshe once in a while on Skype.

8. After you arrange to meet a typical friend for drinks, he comes on.

When you decide to meet an Israeli friend, he comes on the lions share a couple of hours late and with his colleague, an additional cousin, brilliant good friend on the army along.

9. A standard friend partied his first few years after twelfth grade, spending his nights doing keg-stands and playing beer pong.

An Israeli friend spent now serving his country, undergoing difficult physical training and running operations to shield his family and country.

10. A regular friend stays from politics with the exception of maybe around election time.

An Israeli friend stays updated on every little detail of foreign and domestic policy and definately will make sure you’re informed also.

11. A usual friend argues important points calmly, politely, with sensitivity for ones opinions.

An Israeli friend yells passionately about his point while trying to destroy yours, using his hands as punctuation and never allowing the conversation to terminate until you’ve either conceded or walked away in frustration.

12. A typical friend sometimes stumbles accidentally for a great sale.

An Israeli friend has turned discount shopping into a skill (or even obsession?) and can spend per hour haggling to save lots of money — but he always gets it for cheaper than you could’ve.

13. A regular friend forgets of you when you’ve been away for a while.

An Israeli friend welcomes you back as if you’d just left yesterday by using a hug including a Goldstar, which is so common for Israelis going, work, study, and live abroad.

14. An average friend thinks your vegetarianism is annoying and idealistic.

An Israeli friend is vegetarian too, or has as a minimum tried or considered it.

15. A typical friend thinks some chunks of lettuce, vegetables, and ranch dressing in a bowl is a salad.

An Israeli friend chops vegetables teeny tiny, and dresses them perfectly with fresh lemon juice and perhaps oil, and allows you to realize the true art of salad creation.

16. A typical friend will grab a snack from your fridge for those who ask.

An Israeli friend will whip you up a bowl of hummus yourself, as well as educate you the right way to pronounce it correctly.

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