14 things Dubai locals will have to describe to out-of-towners

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Photo: Ivan Rylka

1. Oh, that you were here four years ago? That’s great. It’s various now.

Possibly probably the most dynamic city on the earth, Dubai changes quickly and drastically. Don’t panic should you can’t recognize streets, buildings and neighborhoods from a last visit the number of years ago. Everything looks different and new, because doing so probably is.

2. However, you have to admit, it’s impossible to get lost.

With not difficult to memorize names of neighborhoods that literally describe the region just like Media City, Internet City, International City, Motor City, The Meadows, The Lakes and Dubai Marina, it’s extremely hard to remain lost in Dubai. See many clinics around? You’re probably in Healthcare City.

3. Nobody owns a Ferrari, Lamborghini or Bentley.

Although there’s a high probability we have somebody or simply a friend of an friend that has a supercar and lets us ride out and about shotgun on weekends.

4. Shawarma tastes best at 2am.

Don’t believe it? Just queue up at any shawarma place during weekend after-hours (somehow there’s always one open where and when you really need it) and you’ll see it’s totally worthy of wait.

5. And Hummus and Moutabel aren’t the same.

These cold creamy mezze dips might look and even taste similar; but the key ingredient in hummus is chickpea, while in moutabel it’s eggplant.

6. However if you’re not feeling it there are many creative options.

Whether you’re homesick for Mediterranean food or craving fiery Asian cuisine, we’ve got anything from Indonesian and Vietnamese to Greek and Spanish fare. If it’s a taco you choose, then that’s what you’ll get and in many cases which is pretty damn good.

7. You don’t go the mall just to shop.

In case you haven’t noticed (and seriously how do you not), it’s also possible to ski, ice-skate, discover ways to fly an Emirates A380, ride in the world’s fastest elevator for the 148th degree of the world’s tallest skyscraper, and see the world’s largest fountains dance to ‘Ain’t No Mountain Sufficient.’

8. We’re not huggers.

Don’t touch base to get a hug the primary or second time you meet us. We’re easy-going but we enjoy our space and we’ll like your story better in case you respect it, too.

9. It’s usually a good time for it to navigate to the beach.

Summer, winter along with the strange weather involving, there’s always a period of day that’s useful to slip into your swimwear and lounge about the beach.

10. And spf50 needs to be your brand new best friend.

Seriously. Wear it even though you’re indoors.

11. You’ll have groceries transported to your own home at 11pm.

But that doesn’t mean we’re spoiled. It’s one among the perks of just living inside of a cool, cosmopolitan city where it’s not eliminate the modern world should you realize at 11pm that fridge resembles an abandoned ghost town.

12. To ensure you think you possibly can drive?

Wait soon you fall behind the wheel and endure the craziness on Sheikh Zayed Road.

13. Don’t take photos folks or people you don’t know without asking.

You sneaky little devil. Personal privacy in public places spaces might be negotiable in other cities, but we don’t like being photographed without permission. When we attempt to do something about it, you might get into serious trouble. So don’t take action. Be nice. Ask.

14. While you’re here, catch up with David Guetta, Pitbull, Ed Sheeran or Lady Gaga.

Because we’re the best city to party in in the center East which guys love us a significant amount of to step back for too long.

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