Best lenses for travel photography in 2023

The best lenses for travel photography will enable you take amazing photos without weighing you down. Travel photography lenses are often versatile zooms that allow you to pack just one lens such as a superzoom but it all comes down to your shooting style and how much you want to carry. Arguably a nifty fifty prime lens is great for travelling as they’re so small but only one focal length may start to test you. 

We all love to travel. And when we’re not traveling we’re probably dreaming about the next trip. One of the best things about traveling is getting to capture new people and places but deciding what kit to take can be tricky when space is limited. We’ve already got a guide to the best cameras for travel (opens in new tab), but if you’ve got a DSLR or a mirrorless camera, you need to work out what lenses to take too. And this is where the superzoom lens comes into its own. These are lenses with extra-long zoom ranges that do the job of a standard zoom lens and a telephoto zoom combined.