Caesars Palace Is The Ultimate Sushi Stop In Las Vegas

Las Vegas is one of the best food cities in the United States. From the 2023 Wintertime Extravagant Foodstuff Show to the multitude of restaurants and eateries around the city, it is a primary destination for a foodie wanting to experience fine dining.

One type of food it is well known for is sushi. From YU-OR-MI in the Arts District to the unassuming Yama Sushi, to various restaurants adjacent to major casino floors, there’s really a lot to love for sushi lovers visiting the city. If you really want a quintessential Vegas sushi outing though, we’d suggest that it’s hard to beat a trip to Caesars Palace.

This is in large part because the famous resort happens to house two of the very best sushi restaurants in town. As identified in our prior piece, Nobu Restaurant is an elegant space featuring imported seafood, a dynamic menu, and a little bit of a show (as some of the dishes are prepared right in front of you). Sushi Roku, meanwhile, takes a fusion approach, blending sushi menu options with European and Latin American preparations –– all in a dining room with gorgeous views of the Vegas Strip.

Beyond the simple fact that these are excellent sushi restaurants, Caesars Palace also affords you the opportunity to enjoy a full Vegas experience during a single outing.

Exceptional Cocktail Bars

For one thing, you have an excellent array of cocktail bars to consider for a pre-meal drink if you like. The best-known at Caesars is perhaps the Alto Bar, which has opened in the mid-2010s is still relatively new. Per Eater’s review of the Alto, it is the largest lounge at Caesars, yet still offers a certain intimacy in the form of private booths. The extensive drink menu features classic cocktails, beer, and wine, and as you sip on your drink of choice, you can play a bit of video poker.

However, if the Alto isn’t your speed, there are other options. Galleria Bar is an establishment that oozes Vegas class, and the Vista Cocktail Lounge is the go-to option for more inventive cocktails.

An Elite Poker Room

To truly get that quintessential Vegas outing experience, it’s always fun to play some casino games as well –– perhaps as you wait for a table, or just during an extra hour or two you allowed for. And naturally, if you’re dining in casino restaurant, you have all sorts of games at your disposal, from slots, to cards, to assorted table games. At Caesars though, a traditional poker game makes for the perfect pre-dinner activity.

Simply put, poker is often the game that makes you feel like a Vegas high roller, and Caesars Palace has one of Vegas’s top poker rooms. It’s a bit noisy, but it’s a central attraction, always packed with players, and always welcoming to visitors who want to play quick, cheap games for the experience. Plus, it’s just around the corner from Nobu (via “Nobu Way”).

Stunning Pools

If you’d rather enjoy some pre-sushi lounging than play poker –– or perhaps even if you want a place to digest a bit after you eat –– it’s worth noting that Caesars is also home to some of the best Las Vegas pools. Collectively, these pools are known as the Garden of the Gods Pool Oasis, and they’re designed essentially to resemble some combination of the Roman forum and classical public baths. Suffice to say; there are excellent pools to relax in either before or after your meal.

If you’re interested in the oasis but still want to get a bit of gaming in, take a look at the Fortuna Pool. It’s not quite the poker room, but you can swim up to the edges and play a few hands of blackjack!

After-Dinner Attractions

Finally, Caesars also offers you plenty to do after dinner (or after you’ve let your meal settle by the pool for a while). Like most major Vegas resorts, Caesars is home to some memorable show experiences –– including music inside a replica Colosseum and regular appearances by comedians. If you’re looking for something more low-key, Caesars also has an incredible spa facility known as Qua Baths and Spa where you can pamper yourself to wrap up the evening.

Once again, plenty of excellent sushi spots are dotted around Las Vegas. If you’re looking to enjoy a sushi dinner that really makes you feel like you’re enjoying a Vegas outing though, Caesars is the place for you. The sushi venues are as good as any in the city, and you can surround your meal on either side with a host of traditional Vegas experiences.