Experience Tourism Corporations Would Have 3 Months

Adventure tourism firms would have a time period of 3 months to have personnel skilled in distinct actions and accredited by the Costa Rican Tourism Institute (ICT), because of to a decree issued by the authorities on June 16th, 2022, which establishes a new transitory to the application of the regulation for things to do of this sector.

It is the “Regulation for the Operation of Experience Tourism Activities” that considering the fact that 2016 has gone through a collection of extensions with the intention that the staff of these corporations, who have the ICT vacationer declaration, could be licensed and be in rule. Hiking, horseback driving, paragliding, rafting, kayaking, cover, rappelling, and the use of ATVs are component of the activities that are involved in the nomination of experience tourism.

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The factors offered by some corporations for not acquiring qualified their team in these six decades are not legitimate, according to Luis Diego Madrigal, president of the Nationwide Federation of Tourist Tutorial Associations of Costa Rica (Fenaguitur), who asks the organizations and holidaymakers use qualified guides. “The rationale why they are boasting is less than the excuse that I do not have time, I could not mail those people promoters to certify, the INA did not go to to me 6 decades have passed without complying with a regulation there are 3 thousand people of guides who have been accredited, who have analyzed, who are not remaining employed since they give room to non-accredited tourism promoters”, said Madrigal.

On the other hand, in spite of the efforts of the National Discovering Institute (INA) to educate staff in adventure activities, the quotas are not stuffed because of to a deficiency of fascination, according to Lucía Sánchez, president of the Costa Rican Association of Guides of Tourism (Acoguitur). “We do not want a person much more extension, we want matters to be done in the greatest way, we have proposed to be equipped to assist these tour operators in the course of action of education their collaborators the regulation is not belittling any one, but fairly it is saying, you currently carry out journey tourism functions with that expertise you already have, now what we have to have is for you to confirm it by getting a credential that certifies it”, explained Sánchez.

The counterpart of this posture is that of a enterprise group of journey tourism functions, which makes certain that the staff members they have has a long time of encounter producing the work, for which the application of the regulation would deliver a significant quantity of unemployed individuals, as perfectly as a deficiency of accredited guides in the experience location.

In this perception, with the aim of not demanding a required certification need, previous deputy Otto Guevara, who supports this place, asks that the 2016 regulation be repealed or modified. “Certifications have to be voluntary, if you have so numerous hours of practical experience, go and get accredited voluntarily if the enterprise considers that your guides need to know about environmental laws or purchaser support, that they are courses that do not have to have mandatory, to that the human being can devote himself to financial activity”, claimed Guevara.

Meanwhile, the National Chamber of Tourism (Canatur) indicated that it revered the government’s selection on the new transitory and that it has constantly advocated that adventure tourism organizations be formal and lawful corporations, modified to all Condition rules. “The Chamber has placed alone at the orders of the administration to collaborate in the building of a definitive remedy for all the people today who are living from this action and those people who in the future choose to dedicate by themselves to it. We hope to attain a balanced solution that lets us to promise the protection of providers and visitors in every of the journey routines, without the need of placing the work of these individuals at risk”, mentioned Shirley Calvo, government director of Canatur.

The elaboration of a new regulation to control these adventure vacationer routines is what several companies and chambers are advertising, to discover a resolution that positive aspects all functions and ensures the protection of the people of the products and services. For its portion, trying to get the protection of visitors and ensuring the operation of tourism companies in the position of the ICT, they will coordinate with all the institutions associated in the needed actions to find the definitive alternative.

Rules FOR THE Procedure OF Journey TOURISM Actions

Post 12 on the competent guideline:

To establish any experience tourism exercise, the tourist company ought to have the intervention of skilled and skilled guides for every unique exercise that is carried out, who ought to have the suitable license granted by the Costa Rican Tourism Institute in the respective group, by the Decree No. 31030-MEIC-TUR of January 17th, 2003, “Tourist Manual Regulations” and its reforms.

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