A mini-guide to Italian slang

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Forget the classic “Buongiorno” and “Pizza”, for you to impress Italians with your language skills you need to hit them within their (regional) feels.

Italy has much more than 30 languages or dialects, spoken through the mountainous northern regions towards the southernmost tip on the boot. This ends up with a variety of slang words, some very popular because of the most of the population, some more confined to a unique region.

I came to be in a small coastal town not far from Rome i have little to no accent. Of course, Allow me to decide whether to work with it or otherwise not based on the situation, however if I go three hours south to Naples, I am able to barely understand people mainly because they actually employ a dialect.

Here are some of the most widely used sayings, so drop your breadstick from Olive Garden and focus this mini guide of Italian slang.

1. “Bella!”

This is commonly followed by an italian man , equal to “guys.”

You’ve probably heard this word (or name) before, but besides the literal meaning, that is certainly “beautiful,” this exclamation is utilized as the way of greeting. It doesn’t matter if you’re arriving or leaving, “bella” always fits.

Be sure to do it in very informal situations and never between quickly the age of 30. You may sound too young.

2. “Accannare” (regional, Lazio region)

This verb itself doesn’t mean anything in Italian and it’s not even during the dictionary. But it’s trusted in place of any word similar in meaning to “end” or “stop.”

“Accannare” is a infinitive form, this means you really need to conjugate it or I’ll keep basic few examples:

1. You’re annoying. Stop it! (Sei fastidioso. Accanna!)

In this case “accanna” is addressing you.

2. This really is getting boring. Let’s go. (È una noia. Accanniamo.)

In this instance “accanniamo” is making reference to us.

Let’s say you’re at a party with some Italians so you choose to go. Just say “Accanniamo” everyone will know you ought to boost.

3. “Presa a male/Presa a bene”

That beautiful Italian girl won’t talk to you together with you’re sad: “che presa a male!” will be the right aspect to say to your Italian buddy which could cheer you plan some pasta cooked by his nonna.

“Presa a bene” could be the complete opposite. Utilize it when they buy some new seat from economy to business on the right path back in america.

4. “Scialla”

Originally from Rome, this word has become used all around you in Italy. Closest translation would be “chill out.”

I know you’re afraid of that “scia” sound: pronounce it like “sha”.

5. “Cazzeggiare”

This verb is the equal of “messing around” or “chilling” but it’s informal in addition to a little vulgar. However, it is pretty common anywhere, for instance:

We’ve been chilling for hours. (Abbiamo cazzeggiato tutta la sera.)

6. “Beccarsi”

The verb “beccare” means “to peck” in English. Concerning no clue what’s the original source in this slang, nonetheless actually utilize it a lot. Not merely as opposed to “vedere” (to discover) when you’re leaving or when you’re intending to see someone in the specific time.

1. Help you later! (Ci becchiamo dopo!)

Tip: This means you will literally discover their whereabouts later, rather then an off-the-cuff goodbye.

2. See you at 8! (Ci becchiamo alle 8!)

7. “Americanata”

This is actually a funny one. It’s no regional slang, so everybody will realize it without difficulty. We describe something being an “americanata” when it’s so American it screams stars and stripes from everywhere. A pleasant example will be the Super Bowl or an action-packed movie with unreal scenes and explosions.

However, it can do possess some negative nuances: for instance, Maintaining The Kardashians, happens to be “americanata”.

7.“Raga”/”Regà” (See “bella” above to build another slang)

“Raga” represents several youth, so the closest word will be “guys,” by way of example:

Let’s go guys. (Andiamo raga.)

The “regà” variation is specifically utilized in Rome and surrounding areas. It sounds like regatta without -tta.

There are wide ranging other slang words but these are the ones everybody uses, mostly in Rome and surrounding areas.

Remember: Italy has dozen and dozen of dialects and accents, and in many cases in just a region you will definitely hear different usages and meanings. While having your next visit to Italy, ask locals whether they’d like to show you slang words and expressions, it’ll be fun.

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