Under 20 with zero body armor: Faces on the Free Syrian Army in Aleppo

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Muhammed (Nickname: “Doctor”) – 19

Muhammad would have been a student computer system technology, but was required to suspend his studies due to war. He fights for the Free Syria because he was mixed prison and tortured after protesting against Assad, and since his house was hit and destroyed with a mortar. After Syria returns to peace, he hopes to finish his studies as well as perhaps are employed the new Syrian Army to rebuild the country. “What the people want might be. Injustice won’t stay.”


Muhanmen Othman – 18

When the uprising started, Muhanmen was an activist who protested against Assad’s government. When the war dragged on, he and his friends lost patience together with the regime and joined fighters when using the Free Syrian Army. Talking over Bashar Assad, Muhanmen says, “He doesn’t listen. He just kills and takes people to prison. We can win or die.”


Abu Abdula – age unknown

Abu is fighting for his family, and for Syrian soil. He thinks Bashar Assad with his fantastic government are terrible for people of Syria along with the nation’s future. He or she is spurred to continue fighting as a consequence of how Assad with his fantastic forces have killed Syria’s Muslims and defiled the mosques they occupy with intercourse and also the eating alcohol.



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Ali – 18

Ali’s 21-year-old brother was killed at the beginning of the war. Ali fights for Jihad because “there is not any god but Allah.”


Makmood – 19

Before the war, Makmood worked with metal, in construction, and sold cars. He fights during the FSA to the defense of Islam. Recently injured by the mortar landing as part of his house, Makmood presently has a sheet of shrapnel in her torso and his finger is badly infected. He speaks little or no English, but wants shift to America someday. However, his expectations are tempered from the reality of existence in Aleppo; he remarked calmly, “maybe once the war, I cannot come alive.”


Ahmed Aburadwon – 19

Ahmed joined your strugle in Aleppo due to atrocities visited on Homs, Hama, and also the most of Syria. He blames Assad for the indiscriminate killing of Syria’s children and elderly.


Abd al-Kader (“Servant of God”) – 17

Abd has become the fighters holding the front side lines from the battle to your Old Town of Aleppo. Often on guard duty and infrequently sleeping, he’s got been fighting in the Free Syrian Army to add over 60 days. He gone to Aleppo to deal with together with his father and considers himself on Jihad.



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Muhammad (Nickname: “Hammer”) – 19

Muhammad fought with regime forces for any mere ninety days before defecting in August. He says he left as he was treated poorly. Tom turned fights with the Free Syrian Army on Jihad.


Joseph – 18

As a protester prior to a war, Joseph was twice imprisoned via the Assad regime. He first joined the Free Syrian Army within the hometown of Al Bab, where he fought for eight months. He fights for freedom, liberty, and up against the injustices on the regime. Following the war is won, Joseph desires to keep going Jihad outside Syria and gain back the Golan Heights.


Abu Abbas Mokmood – 19

With 4 years remaining in his engineering studies, Abu Abbas joined the Free Syrian Army within the combat Assad. He fights for the freedom and liberty of Syrian people, who he feels were long living in the oppression of Assad’s government. They know many folks through the cities of Mara and Idlib that are fitted with died — some from bullets, others mortars, and others jets. When the war has expired he wishes to continue his studies.


[Name withheld] – 20

Before the war, he worked from a big tech company. He’s fighting against injustice as well as being on Jihad. Right after the war, he wants to take back the Golan Heights.



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Abraham – 20

Abraham still lives in Al Bab and travels to your city for so few periods to cope with alongside his friends inside Free Syrian Army. He joined the resistance because life was oppressive and unaffordable for people within his city ahead of the war. He could be upset that many Syrians are political prisoners, and wishes to topple the regime of Bashar Assad for himself and his family.


Ana – 19

Ana originates from Aleppo, where he studied Islam. He’s on Jihad.


Tamer – 18

When the war started, Tamer was studying accounting in the university in Aleppo, something he hopes to continue following the war ends. Tamer joined slowing Assad to guard Syria. If the war ends he wants peace for his country.


Becker – 19

Arrested and tortured at the start of the revolution for protesting against the Assad regime, Becker is on Jihad to your Muslims of Syria. Ahead of the war he would be a twelfth grade student, but left his studies to affix the FSA. His parents didn’t agree to him fighting at the outset, but they are likes to show off him now after he was quoted saying how his religious convictions motivate his struggle. He is the most respected members of his militia, brilliant fellow fighters sometimes consult him since their prince.

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